Buy Magic Mushroom Online: Top 5 Vendors

Buy Magic Mushrooms

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online: Top 5 Vendors

More people are taking magic mushrooms now than ever, even though psilocybin is an illegal substance in the United States. The risk of legal repercussions is still very real. Buy Magic Mushroom

There are a lot of vendors selling shrooms online these days, but due to the gray-market nature of the trade, getting scammed when buying shrooms online is very likely.

There are ways to mitigate the risk, but purchasing an illegal product over the internet is never going to be 100% safe.

The safest way to avoid legal or financial repercussions from purchasing shrooms online is to opt for a high-quality legal shroom alternative…

Learn about your options, how to minimize your risk when ordering, and where to get the best legal mushrooms if you live in the United States.

Best Legal Shroom Edibles: Area 52 Magic Pluto Mushroom Gummies

Best Legal Shroom Edibles

The Magic Pluto Mushroom Gummies from Area 52 are the best on the market. These Amanita gummies were developed by a master herbalist and psychedelics expert, and the Magic Pluto gummies have been “fine-tuned” to perfection over a number of painstaking years.

They contain a muscimol extract from wild-harvested Amanita muscaria mushrooms that’s “full-spectrum.” This means the extract contains a range of other synergistic compounds present in the mushrooms that enhance the effects of the muscimol.

Area 52 has combined its full-spectrum Amanita extract with a range of other synergistic plants and compounds that enhance the effects of the muscimol further — making for a more potent gummy that induces a “trippier” experience.

What’s Inside the Magic Pluto Gummies?

Let’s take a look inside the Magic Pluto gummies to find out what makes them so effective:

1. Muscimol

Muscimol is the psychoactive component in Amanita muscaria that’s responsible for the dreamlike effects the mushrooms induce. The muscimol used in the Area 52 Magic Pluto gummies is extracted from wild-harvested Amanita muscaria mushrooms.

2. Blue Lotus Flower

The blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is an ancient herb that was traditionally used by the Egyptians to induce trance-like states of consciousness. It’s a potent dream enhancer, and today, it’s mostly used to aid in lucid dreaming. It complements the effects of the muscimol in the Magic Pluto gummies beautifully.

3. Dream Herb

The dream herb (Calea zacatechichi) is another dream-enhancing herb that compliments the muscimol in the Magic Pluto gummies. This ancient herb has been used in Central and South America for millennia to promote vivid dreams and induce trance-like states.

4. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogen from India. It’s commonly known as Indian ginseng and has been added to the Magic Pluto gummies to help balance out the effects of the more psychoactive extracts in the gummies.

5. L-Theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid isomer extracted from green tea leaves. It helps shift brain activity toward the alpha frequency, which encourages relaxed alertness and calmness. It has been added to the Magic Pluto gummies to balance out the psychoactive ingredients and encourage a peaceful state of mind.

6. Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

The same extract found in Area 52’s legal delta-9 THC gummies has been used in the Magic Pluto gummies. The extract contains CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and 10 mg of THC (under the legal limit of 0.3% total THC). It has been added to enhance the effects of the other psychoactive ingredients in the formula.

7. 5-HTP

5-HTP is an amino acid that serves as a precursor for serotonin and melatonin — neurotransmitters that are essential in mood and sleep regulation. It has been added to the Magic Pluto gummies to help restore serotonin and melatonin levels that may become imbalanced as the effects of the gummies wear off.

8. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been added to the Magic Pluto gummies to optimize neurotransmitter levels during and after the experience. It works harmoniously with 5-HTP to reduce any grogginess that may occur as the muscimol wears off.

Best Budget Option: Royal Amanita Mushroom Gummies + THC


The Area 52 gummies are hands down the strongest option, but they aren’t necessarily the cheapest. The problem is that many of the cheap magic mushroom products offered online are poorly made — many contain contaminants or are completely impotent.

Royal offers a great alternative. They’re already a well-established brand with thousands of 5-star reviews. These amanita gummies are relatively new to the market, but already earning exceptional reviews on Reddit, Bluelight forums, the Shroomery, and other psychonaut communities.

Each piece delivers a high dose of 10 mg muscimol (roughly 3 times more potent than the average gummies within the same price range).

Adding further value, Royal Amanita Mushroom Gummies deliver nearly 10 mg of federally-compliant delta-9 THC. Royal has been manufacturing legal THC and CBD products for years already and knows exactly how far they can push the limits without breaking the law.

Needless to say, for $49, it’s hard to find a more potent gummy from a brand as reliable as Royal.

Product Specs:

  • Active Ingredients: Muscimol, Lotus Flower, Calea leaf
  • Supporting Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, 5HTP, B6
  • Gummies Per Package: 15
  • Total Price: $49
  • Price Per Gummy: $3.33

Why Most Legal Shroom Gummies Are Disappointing

Several legal Amanita shroom companies are set up to capitalize on the “magic mushroom boom.” Many of these companies simply exist to make money, and a lack of regulation in this market has led to a lot of sketchy product releases.

Unfortunately, Amanita muscaria is a difficult mushroom to work with. It can’t be cultivated in an artificial environment and must be harvested from the wild. Even once the mushrooms are obtained, it’s difficult to obtain a consistently potent muscimol extract from them.

These difficulties have led to many legal shroom companies opting for other routes when manufacturing Amanita gummies.

Most “Amanita” gummies on the market utilize synthetic lab-made muscimol. Although synthetic muscimol is structurally the same, it’s nowhere near as effective as a true Amanita muscaria extract. Gummies made with synthetic muscimol have little to no psychoactive effect. Muscimol extracted from wild-harvested mushrooms is much more “trippy.”

Some unethical companies will also add other legal synthetic compounds and research chemicals to potentiate the gummies. Some gummies may contain chemicals similar to psilocybin, such as 4-AcO-DMT. Although gummies that contain compounds like these will induce a psychedelic experience, the effects can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

It’s extremely important to do your research on a company and its products before purchasing legal shroom gummies online. The lack of regulation in this space is worrying, and consuming a low-quality gummy that’s laced with an unknown substance could be physically or psychologically damaging.Buy Magic Mushroom

Is It Legal to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?


Psychoactive fungi that contain the psychedelic tryptamine “psilocybin” are illegal to buy, purchase, possess, and consume in most countries. Getting caught buying magic mushrooms online could lead to legal repercussions as severe as jail time in some regions.

There are a few exceptions — psilocybin is either legal or decriminalized in a few countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, and Jamaica. However, they’re still not freely available, and there are often laws restricting their sale in these so-called “legal countries.”

It’s similar in the United States; psilocybin remains federally illegal, but some states have altered local legislation to make psilocybin legal for medical use. However, accessing magic mushrooms is still difficult. Those who wish to undergo psilocybin treatment must go through a government-funded psychedelics center, which is easier said than done in most instances.

Although illegal, Canada is an exception to the rule. Psilocybin remains illegal in the country, but the laws surrounding the substance are rarely enforced. This has led to an influx of physical and online magic mushroom vendors that are reliable and relatively risk-free.

The Risks of Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

Although it’s possible (albeit illegal) to purchase magic mushrooms online, there are several risks involved.

There are three main concerns when purchasing shrooms online.

  • The first concern is the risk of legal repercussions. When purchasing illicit mushrooms online, you put yourself at legal risk. If caught purchasing psilocybin-containing mushrooms, you could face prosecution and a potentially life-changing penalty.
  • The second concern is the risk of being scammed. Uncontrolled black markets — especially those that can be operated online — attract scammers. Scam websites disguised as magic mushroom dispensaries are all across the internet. These websites take payment and never send anything to the customer. Other scam websites will send the customer a package, but the products inside will be inactive and contain no traces of psilocybin.
  • The third concern is the lack of quality control in the magic mushroom e-commerce industry. Psilocybin is illegal, and there’s no regulating body to ensure the customer receives a quality product that’s safe for consumption. Customers purchasing shrooms or psilocybin edibles online could receive a low-quality product, moldy shrooms, or edibles that contain an unsafe synthetic psilocybin alternative, such as 4-AcO-DMT.

How to Buy Shrooms Online Safely

It’s impossible to order magic mushrooms online with 100% security due to the legality of the fungi. However, it’s possible to mitigate the risks mentioned above by following a few steps before making a purchase.

Follow the steps below to stay as safe as possible when ordering shrooms online:

1. Read the Descriptions 

When you find a product you like the look of, be sure to inspect the description and ingredients list closely. Scammy companies will often use language to trick customers into thinking they’re buying something they’re not. A legitimate company will state exactly what’s inside the product and be transparent with dose, safety, and ingredient sources.

Check to make sure the text specifically mentions “psilocybin,” “psilocybin mushrooms,” or “Psilocybe cubensis” (or another psychedelic mushroom species). Many companies will use terms like “contains mushrooms” or use packaging that looks trippy and implies it contains shrooms without explicitly mentioning what’s inside. The latter is best avoided.

Unethical companies selling inactive edibles or products that contain synthetic psilocybin alternatives often use poor English in their product descriptions. If the description doesn’t make complete sense, looks like it has been written hastily, or appears to be formed through AI, it’s best to avoid purchasing.

2. Assess the Brand’s Reputation

Assess the brand’s reputation. Any legitimate magic mushroom supplier will have positive reviews outside of their website. Searching forums and SubReddits for genuine first-hand reviews will quickly indicate the company’s legitimacy.

You should know quite quickly whether a company is legit or not by doing this. A good company may not have tons of reviews, but a scammy company leaves dozens of angry psychonauts who take to the internet to warn others about their experience.

3. Search for Bulk Packaging Online

Another way to assess the legitimacy of a mushroom product is to find out whether branded empty packaging is available for sale online.

Search places such as DHgate, Alibaba, and AliExpress for “magic mushroom packaging” to see if the brand’s packaging is available. If it is, avoid purchasing anything from the company. Anyone can buy and fill generic shroom chocolate or gummy packaging and sell it as a “psilocybin” product.

4. Check Payment Options

Check the payment options available. Any legitimate company will have a secure checkout, even if the products they sell aren’t entirely legal. Check to make sure debit and credit card payment is possible.

Avoid buying from companies that only accept cryptocurrency and other untracked payment methods — they’re likely scams.

5. Look for a Return Policy

Any reputable microdose brand will have a returns policy. If you’re purchasing a psilocybin supplement in Canada, the company should have a money-back guarantee or a product replacement policy proving the brand’s belief in its product(s).

Magic mushroom vendors and brands in other countries may not have a specific returns policy due to the legality of the products they’re selling. However, companies with some sort of satisfaction guarantee definitely get bonus points.

6. Assess the Shipping Methods

Any decent magic mushroom brand will state the shipping methods used to deliver their products. They’ll also ship discreetly — no one needs to know what you’ve ordered.

If shipping information appears false or non-existent, avoid purchasing.

7. Test the Customer Service

If, after the six steps above, you’re still unsure of a company’s legitimacy, give them an email. A decent brand or vendor will have contact information.

Ask specific questions about the products — a reputable company will get back to you relatively quickly with a full, informative answer. A scammy company will either not reply or send a vague, uninformative message back.

What’s the Best Legal Shroom Alternative?

Buy Magic Mushroom

Muscimol is a natural psychoactive compound found in certain mushroom species in the Amanita genus. Like psilocybin, muscimol can alter a person’s perception, but unlike psilocybin, it’s legal in most countries.

When prepared correctly, Amanita muscaria gummies are capable of inducing dreamlike states of consciousness. Although the effects of these shrooms are different from typical “magic mushrooms,” they can be just as enjoyable as their psilocybin-producing cousins. The fact that they come without the legal risks is a massive bonus.

Effects of Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric Mushroom)

The effects of Amanita muscaria are different from other psychoactive plants and fungi. They can be described as lucid, surreal, and bizarre. Many people struggle to explain exactly what happens during an A. muscaria experience because the effects are dreamlike and difficult to put into words.

Unlike psilocybin, muscimol doesn’t induce strong visual hallucinations and stimulation. Instead, it’s far more sedative and relaxing. Although hallucinations aren’t as vivid, users often experience altered perception, where time makes no sense and objects appear larger or smaller in size.

It’s often hard to distinguish what’s “real” and what’s a “dream” while under the influence of Amanita muscaria. After consumption, the effects gradually turn more and more lucid. As time goes on, sleep becomes inevitable. Once the user falls asleep completely, the muscimol really takes hold — inducing powerful, trippy dreams that are difficult to make sense of.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Mushrooms

Have an unanswered question about magic mushrooms?

Perhaps you’ll find an answer in one of the FAQs below:

1. Can You Grow Magic Mushrooms Legally?

In short, no. Psilocybin is a restricted substance in most countries across the globe. Although it’s legal to cultivate shrooms in some countries, it’s a criminal offense in the United States, Canada, and most of Europe.

Spore samples from psychedelic mushroom species are legal to purchase and own because they don’t contain the restricted substance psilocybin. However, as soon as these spores are cultivated and psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms are produced, they become illegal. Buy Magic Mushroom

2. Are Fly Agaric Mushrooms Deadly?

Buy Magic Mushroom

Many people believe that the fly agaric mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) are deadly poisonous. Most people grow up being told by their parents never to touch the red and white fruits of this fungus, fearing that a single bite or lick of a “contaminated” finger is enough to kill.

Although there’s some truth to this, these mushrooms are nowhere near as toxic as once believed.

If consumed fresh, Amanita muscaria can cause stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is due to a toxic compound known as ibotenic acid that’s present in the flesh of raw mushrooms. Although it’s technically possible to face fatal consequences from ingesting too much ibotenic acid, a large amount of fresh mushrooms must be eaten to induce that level of toxicity.

When prepared correctly through heating and/or drying, the ibotenic acid in fly agaric mushrooms is destroyed or converted into the less toxic and psychoactive compound muscimol. Proper preparation allows you to consume the mushrooms without fear of poisoning.

Muscimol is a psychoactive compound, so although Amanita mushrooms can be ingested once prepared, users may experience altered perceptions.

3. What States in the U.S. Have Legalized Psilocybin?

Psilocybin — the active ingredient in magic mushrooms — is federally illegal in the United States. However, some states or municipalities within them are altering their local legislation to make psilocybin more accessible. If you live in places like Oregon, it may even be possible to buy magic mushrooms near you.

Although we’re a long way from full legalization, magic mushrooms will likely follow the cannabis route in the United States — with the number of so-called “legal states” increasing annually.

These states altered their legislation on psilocybin:

  • Oregon
  • Washington D.C.
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts

It’s important to note that although these states have altered their legislation around psilocybin, magic mushrooms remain inaccessible to most people. Those who wish to use shrooms in states that have legalized psilocybin medicinally must go to a government-funded psychedelic treatment center to gain access.

It’s not yet possible to walk into a dispensary in the US and buy a bag of legal magic mushrooms.

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