Understanding the Initiative 81 Law: Are Shrooms Legal in D.C. 2024?

It didn’t take long after November’s new legislation passed in the District of Columbia for the word to get out. Is shrooms legal in D.C.? It’s the question everyone who has an interest in plant medicine is asking.

‌The answer is both yes and no. Shrooms were decriminalized under a law known as Washington’s Initiative 81 or I-81, which made the city’s laws against entheogenic substances the lowest priority when it comes to police enforcement. But that doesn’t mean anyone can waltz into any store and ask to buy magic mushrooms.

To answer the question, “Is shrooms legal in D.C.?” you must first understand the nuances of the law—as well as the creative ways that shop owners are using to comply. If they’re not careful, people looking to enjoy the experience of magic mushrooms may run into legal troubles.

This guide is designed to share everything you need to know about I-81 and how to legally and safely procure shrooms for recreational and medicinal purposes.

2 Things You Need to Know About Initiative 81

‌In 2020 in Washington, Initiative 81 allowed the city to join countries throughout the world that have decriminalized and legalized magic mushrooms. Places such as Brazil, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and a few others have varying degrees of legalization. Oregon was recently the first state to legalize shrooms.

When asking “Is mushrooms legal in D.C.?” you need to know two things: how the law works and what the loopholes are. Then, you’ll be able to search for a store that specializes in psychedelic products. To find a vetted and trustworthy store in the D.C. area, search the Where’s Shrooms comprehensive online directory.

1.  How Does Initiative 81 Allow You to Buy Shrooms Legally?

Initiative 81, Washington D.C.’s new ballot measure, passed with landslide votes last November. While it did not legalize plant medicines like ayahuasca, iboga, mescaline-containing cacti, and magic mushrooms, it did provide a pathway for people to use and possess the substances without worry about government interference.

Like other decriminalization methods, this law doesn’t create a framework for buying and selling shrooms. But it does allow for businesses and people to possess, grow, and gift magic mushrooms to people who can show identification that proves they are at least 21 years old. There is no information about maximum amounts in the ballot language.

2.  How Does the Loophole for I-81 Help You Buy Shrooms in D.C.?

Few people are growing their own magic mushrooms, since the process involves daily work and an in-depth understanding of mycelium. This is why so many people are asking, “Is shrooms legal in Washington D.C.?” They need to understand how to use the new gifting community that has resulted as a loophole.

Similar to the marketplace for cannabis when it was first decriminalized, entrepreneurs are meeting the needs of those looking for magic mushrooms. But instead of simply selling the shrooms, they are offering I-81 compliant gifts of mind-altering substances along with the purchase of stickers, art, t-shirts, or other items. These items will likely be a lot more expensive than you’d expect, but you get an important gift along with the purchase.

Instead of walking in and asking to buy shrooms, you need to know how to order. Keep reading for tips, but first, check out Where’s Shrooms. This online directory lets people procure shrooms safely throughout the D.C. metro area.

What Makes a Store I-81 Compliant in Washington, D.C.

‌Anyone interested in an experience with magic mushrooms wants to make sure they are getting the products from a reputable supplier they can trust. It’s important to do business only with stores in D.C. that are compliant with the I-81 verbiage. This ensures safety for the store owners, employees, and buyers.

Undercover police officers, while no longer are interested in arresting people who possess shrooms, are still checking to make sure stores are I-81 compliant. They frequently enter stores and ask to purchase shrooms directly. This is not allowed, as the new law did not legalize magic mushrooms.

Prospective buyers need to be extra cautious about businesses that are willing to engage in direct sales. This is how someone could get caught up in a raid and run the risk of getting arrested. Only do business with stores that sell complementary items and offer shrooms as a gift, as this process complies with the law.

Tips on How to Order Shrooms and Respect I-81 Compliancy

‌You must be aware of the right way to order shrooms at a store to respect I-81 compliance mandates. Just as you must ask to see the “tobacco pipes” in stores that specialize in marijuana paraphernalia in states where weed is illegal, you must use the right verbiage.

Instead of asking to buy shrooms, ask to see the “gift menu.” This is the proper way to see what shrooms are available as gifts that are included when purchasing specific merchandise.

After reviewing the menu, you could say something like, “Hello! I would like to buy your $50 art print and receive the free I-81 compliant gift, please.” Make it clear that you are interested in purchasing only the item for sale, not the shrooms themselves.

Shrooms in D.C.: Know the Law

Is shrooms legal in D.C.? You know now that the answer is not a simple yes or no. If you don’t know how to legally and safely order magic mushrooms in a store, trained employees will likely not be willing to do business with you. The experience can be confusing and even a little intimidating, until you are clear on the boundaries set in place by I-81.

Most people, especially those who live in D.C. or are visiting from one of the surrounding states, also need to know where they can search for shrooms. Since these kinds of plant medicine are technically still illegal to sell, many stores won’t advertise.

Instead, it’s best to rely on Where’s Shrooms. This online directory lists only vetted and trusted stores where you can procure shrooms smoothly for an overall pleasant experience.

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