Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms


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Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms or also known as Texas Penis Envy 6 is a potent strain which is the product of crossing the wildly popular Penis Envy strain with a cubensis from Texas. This shroom generally does not grow like a typical Penis Envy (small round caps with thick stem) but was created to showcase the potency of Penis Envy while making it easier to grow than a Penis Envy. PE6 generally have darker brown caps and slightly thicker than average stems.

Expect higher than average potency like it’s parent Penis Envy. We do not recommend this strain for first timers. Our staff report strong euphoria and feelings of transcendence with this mushroom strain. Some users reported a body high that came in waves.

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Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy 6 magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy 6 or PE6) are a pass among Penis Envy and Texan Cubensis created in an try to create a Penis Envy species with more sporulation. Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms or also called Texas Penis Envy 6.This species takes on greater of the characteristics of the Texan cubensis, with tall, slender stems (stipes) and broader caps which can variety from light to caramel-brown, darker toward the middle. While it’s physical traits are greater in step with those of Texan Cubensis strain, it’s potency is similar to the Penis Envy pressure, with severe euphoria, catharsis, and slight visible stimulation elicited. Buy Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms


Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are the milky-white infant of the famed Penis Envy shrooms.

Legend has it that they’re even more potent than their predecessor. It’s truely not for absolutely everyone!

Whilst most mushrooms both come up with robust visuals or take you on a deeply introspective journey, Albino Penis Envy offers you each — this kind of generous mushroom.

Right here, you may study all the general statistics approximately them, inclusive of their starting place, results, efficiency, and the way to develop them.

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is one in all many variations of the Psilocybe cubensis species — they’re truly a version of a variation, being the nearly-colorless model of the well-known Penis Envy (PE) shrooms.

PE mushrooms have been so famous that breeders commenced developing new sub-sorts and hybrids. APE is a hybrid of  Psilocybe cubensis types — Penis Envy and PF Albino. Buy Penis Envy 6 (PE6) Magic Mushrooms

Their most standout characteristic is the shade; they’re milky white with bluish tones. While dried, they turn silver blue.

Penis Envy’s effects

Albino Penis Envy’s effects are pretty sturdy. They’re stated to produce a surprisingly visual ride with euphoria and deep introspective mind. Different effects consist of:

  • Visual, auditory, and different sensory distortions of truth or hallucinations;
  • Temporal distortion;
  • A feeling of connection to their environment, people, and animals;
  • Religious stories;
  • Abstract thinking;
  • Synesthesia (listening to colors and seeing sounds, for instance);
  • Dilated students.

Of route, it depends at the batch and other variables, like the setting, your physiology, and what you ate that day.

The outcomes take anywhere between 20 mins and an hour to set in. A “normal” journey must last as long as six hours however, again, this relies upon on many variables.

Some viable undesired aspect outcomes include

  • Anxiety and panic assaults;
  • Paranoia;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Bad coordination;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Accelerated coronary heart charge and blood pressure;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Headaches;

To growth your probabilities of having a pleasing enjoy, you may use a magic mushroom dosage calculator to find out how a whole lot you must take.

But, for the reason that APE are commonly stronger than other traces, you have to handiest have about 70% of the load of shrooms the calculator advises you to.

You may take greater in case you feel find it irresistible wasn’t enough — what you may’t do is take back what you already ate up! Better secure than sorry.

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms — a way to develop Them

Albino Penis Envy mushrooms aren’t perfect to develop. To start with, they release few fertile spores, so, you’ll want other techniques of colonization after your first round. They’re also not the most important lovers of a few famous substrates that different mushrooms thrive on.

Furthermore, they’re recognized for taking a long time to grow, being inconsistent between batches, and, usually, having low to medium yields. They’re normally smaller than PE mushrooms.

At the plus aspect, they do tolerate some bad situations that other shrooms don’t; together with immoderate warmth and some chemical residues. It’ll cause malformed or smaller bodies but they’ll nonetheless develop.

All in all, this is higher stress for skilled growers who need an undertaking and something new than for novices.

Nonetheless, right here are a few specific ways you could grow Albino Penis Envy mushrooms:

The usage of an Albino Penis Envy mushroom grow-package

  • The usage of all-in-one grow bags
  • Using the develop bag technique
  • The use of the monotube technique

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms — Key Takeaways

So, there you have got it: except for their terrific appearance — each at the same time as sparkling and dried — Albino Penis Envy mushrooms will take you on the ride of your life with severe visuals and introspection alike.

We owe a heartfelt thanks to whoever determined to go Penis Envy with PF Albino shrooms to create one of the most iconic Psilocybe cubensis varieties.

Developing them isn’t as clean as developing most psilocybin mushrooms however the trouble is totally really worth it when the final result is APE mushrooms. Cross and provide it a strive.


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